Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Have You outgrown Your Home Studio? Check Out the NTC Barracks Buildings!

 Whether your medium of choice is painting, fashion design, photography, or if you are looking to open a gallery space, there are plenty of options at the NTC at Liberty Station!  The old barracks buildings are being converted to artist studios and gallery spaces.  Barracks 16 is getting ready to open its doors and become home to artists & crafters. Stop by on Friday, June 1 from 4 pm - 7 pm, for a Leasing Open House at Barracks 16 at the NTC.  Spaces are available immediately in many sizes and parking is plentiful for resident artists and visitors.

Barracks 19 was the first building to open and is now home to a variety of studios including Mod-Est Gallery, Bravo Art School, and the Velvet Klaw studio, home of mafia member Teresa Salazar.  Due to a family emergency the Velvet Klaw studio will be closing its doors, so they are looking for someone to take over the lease for the next four months.  If you are interested in calling Barracks 19 your home, please send an email to: 

If you come to the Open House, don't forget to stay for the monthly Friday Night Liberty open studios and galleries starting at 5pm  You can find the schedule online at:

Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Line-Up for The Craft Mafia Lounge

Welcome to the Saturday Night Special Edition of the Craft Mafia Blog giving you the scoop on tomorrow's crafty events at the North Park Festival of the Arts!

We'll be having a Scavenger Hunt Project where you have to find the parts to make it, supplies for you to make a small fan to keep cool tomorrow, and several demonstrations and projects happening in our lounge throughout the day.

Here are the Scavenger Hunt supplies you'll be finding at five different booths tomorrow to make the Emergency Repair Kit or Mini Wallet. You'll pick up instructions at the Craft Lounge and get a bag to keep your supplies in while you search. You'll be finding the following parts: the outer felt, the inner felt pieces, the ribbon, the notions kit (needle/thread/pins), and the felt stickers to decorate it. The instructions will include how to make a mini wallet or emergency sewing kit, and we'll be there if you need help. 
There are only 25 kits, so be sure to get there early to get yours!
Once you complete your project, show it to the Mafia Mavens
 and we'll give you a ticket for our raffle!

The Line Up

Here's our crafty event schedule!
  • 11 AM  Make a Kindle Cover from and Old Book with Lindsay  (Supplies $2)
  • 12 PM   Puppet Talk and Demo with Julie from The Marie Hitchcock Puppet Theater 
  • 1 PM     Fashion Show on the Main Stage
  • 2 PM     Meet and greet artist Pat Downing from the new MakerPlace
  • 3 PM     Image Transfer Demo with Ingred Chamberlin  
  • 4 PM     Make a Steampunk bookmark with Becky
  • 5 PM     Make a Chainmaille Stretchy Ring with Robin (Supplies $2-$5)
  • 5:45 PM Last Raffle of the Day for all the unclaimed prizes!

Raffle Goodies!

The raffle will be held hourly starting at 11 AM for different prize packages. All hourly prizes must be claimed by 5:30 PM; at 5:45 PM all remaining prizes will go to the first winner drawn who is present to collect them!  Tickets will be given to the first 25 people to come to the craft lounge, for completing a make and take project, and for making a purchase of $5 or more from our vendors. 
Just added to the prize packages are some goodies from local author Lisa Kessler featuring her new paranormal romance novel Night Walker. Check out Mr. Hot Abs on the cover--

Monday, May 14, 2012

Line It Up

Spring Line Up  

ITS THIS WEEKEND!!! Sunday May 20th at University and 30th SDNPCM will be craften it up with an awesome line up of handmade vendors at the Festival of the Arts. Just added to our line up,

Stop by our Craft Lounge for some awesome Crafty projects and demos. At the Lounge you can also pick up your packet for the craft project scavenger hunt, in which you will make your own needle book after hunting down your supplies. Be sure to get the the Lounge early and participate in as many projects as possible for more chances to win raffle with prizes from these great stores,
BlueStocking Books
UpCycle your book collection with $50 in Bluestocking credit
Maker Place
Gift certificate for membership and classes.
With a talk by Pat Downing at 2pm on his art and what MakerPlace has to offer the crafter, artist and hobbyist.  
The Village @ 631
Reggae brunch for 2
The Grove at Juniper & 30th
A gift basket worth $50 in
crafty goodies, check it out!
San Diego Automotive Museum Steam Punk Exhibit
3 ticket to the event to be drawn during Ingred Chamberlin of the Crononaunt Club image transfer demo at 3pm in the craft lounge.
My Lucky Dragon
Lisa Kessler
Janie's Creations
Rae Wolf Designs
i wish i had a penguin friend
The Village Potter
Pink Plum
Jewels of Friendship
R Priest Ellgy Co

How can you get a raffle ticket for the Craft Mafia Raffle at North Park Festival of the Arts?

Be one of the 1st 25 people to check into the Craft Lounge at the NPCM Spring Line up near the main stage .

Complete any Make N’ Take at our Craft Lounge, schedule will be posted in the Lounge, on blog and on the Antengo App.

Make a purchase of at least $5 at any of our Spring Line Up vendor booths,(only one ticket per transaction) each booth has a limited number so get shopping.

Winners will be drawn and posted at the top of every hour starting at 11, and at special events. Winning numbers will be posted in the Craft Lounge. Prizes MUST be picked up by 530 the day of the event May 20th at the festival. Any prizes not picked up by 545 will go back up for raffle and we will draw ticket until a winner is present.

Tell us your going

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Mother's Day - A Time To Play With Duct Tape!

Mother’s Day is upon us!!! On this Sunday, May 13 we will all get out the cards, flowers and gifts to give to the most important woman in our life . . .  our mother. But what really is a mother? For many we consider our mother to be the one who gave birth to us, raised us from the time we were born and loves us our whole lives. For others it may be that special woman that has been such an influence in our life. A mother is someone who shelters and guides us through those obstacles that stand in our paths. She is the one to set us free to explore the world prepared with the knowledge to make it through life. She is generous. She is loving. She is our mother. Every second Sunday in May the celebration of mothers and motherhood begins. But what to give her runs through our minds. We all can buy those commercially made cards and gifts and give her that beautiful bouquet of flowers but what if you want to give something special and unique showing our love for this wondrous woman. The answer, ‘Make it yourself!!!’

                Walking through Home Depot the other day my mind started to ramble about Mother’s Day. Usually Home Depot is the place to shop for my dad with his obsession with tools. But my mom is not a hardware tool junkie like my dad and I. She likes pretty and colorful things.  A power drill just wouldn’t do the trick. What could Home Depot offer that could make my mom happy? Like on automatic pilot it’s off to the gardening section to buy flowers once again but something colorful hit’s my eye. What was that beautiful array of colors on that rack I just passed? Backing up I see duct tape!!! To me duct tape is usually that gray sticky stuff that you can never remove after you’ve used it. But there was a great array of colors now and ideas started to flow into my head. What could I ‘make’ my mother with duct tape? I bought some and went home to do a search. There are alot of how to's out there. even has a club dedicated to the crafters out there that have an obsession with duct tape. The possibilities are endless! From purses to clothes to bouquets of flowers duct tape is the way to go if you want to give your mom something she won’t expect.  I might be known as Duct Tape Daughter for a while but at least it will be different. Let's start duct taping!!!! Here are some great ideas some people had: