Sunday, December 11, 2011

Hot New Find

Café Libertalia, a Mico Mall featuring an Internet cafe in the heart of Hillcrest has a new tenant. As of November Mostly Magpie by Darcy Stumbaygh has taken up the front vendor space of the cafe and is offering unique reclaimed jewelry and components, fun screen prints, and exceptional leatherwork. I had a blast sorting through her selection of watch parts used and new and eclectic assortment of beads. 

“We have lots of vintage jewelry at low prices, ideal for either accessorizing or for making new treasures, and we specialize in old pocket and wristwatch movements and parts for repair or steampunking. We are fully stocked with leather, supplies, and tools and are available 1pm-9pm (and often longer) for do-it-yourself leatherworking, with free instruction, assistance, and use of awesome tools. Make bracelets, watch bands, belts, buckles, leatherbound journals and more. Our steampunk supplies include mechanical watches and parts, brass rivets snaps and findings, glass vials, butterfly wings, feathers, old coins, old brooches, and shiny things. We sell real Victorian antiques. We're also full of beads and findings with tools available to make your own jewelry on-site, so come on in to learn and create with us!"

As of mid December Café Libertalia is offering access to a kiln and ceramic classes. December 17th the cafe will host a Holiday Extravaganza. Come by from 12pm to 11pm and check out this the Shop-a-Thon with local artist works for sale and a Holiday party with 3 bands. Check out events for more info or send an email to Mostly Magpie at

Cafe Libertalia is at 3834 5th Ave in Hillcrest, Mostly Magpie is right up front but the space also has live music or events in the back every night, great coffee, a conspiracy magazine, Internet, mid-century furniture and collectibles, and great coffee, open 10am-ish to 9:30pm 7 days a week.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Take the "Shop Local" Pledge & Buy Handmade!

You may have seen it on ABC news. Many Americans are promising to spend, at least part, of their holiday gift budgets, on items "Made in America!" Locally, Yelp has asked shoppers to take their "Yelp Shops Local Pledge" and buy from local shops & businesses. We'd like to add the "Buy Handmade" pledge to your list of pledges! Handmade products are great gifts and when you buy directly from the artists who created them, you get that extra personal touch by knowing where your product came from. It's almost like getting something custom made since handmade products are not made in mass production like some items from overseas. Where can you find these unique handmade gifts? Well, if you missed our Holiday Hit List last weekend, there are still opportunities to shop from multiple artists at once at some upcoming holiday shopping events. Here are a few where Mafia members will be participating. Mark your calendars! We want to see you there!

The Metrome Pre-Holiday Bazaar
Sunday, December 11, 2011
11 am - 3 pm
1150 J St. - 92101
View the Facebook event

(Almost) Last Minute Holiday Shopping
Thursday, December 15, 2011
6 pm - 9 pm
El Take It Easy
3926 30th St. - 92104
View the Facebook event

North Park Independent Bazar
Sunday, December 18, 2011
1 pm - 6 pm
Queen Bee's Art & Culture Center
3925 Ohio St. - 92104
View the Facebook event

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Holiday Hit List

Check out photos from our 2012 Holiday Hit List! 

 Its a stick up at the Mall, shop local and independent.
 Mafia Tree
 Around the floor
 North Park Craft Mafia Ornaments
 Craft Mafia Table
 December 2012 Newsletter
 Picking out a prize of a set ornaments
 decorated by the North Park Craft Mafia
 Scavenger Hunt Winners
 2012 North Park Craft Mafia
Stick em up 
Hit List Preview Commercial

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Holiday Hit List Freebie Preview -Don't Miss Out!!!!

Let’s hit the Holiday Hit List again!!! Goodies, goodies, goodies galore!!! From the wonderful vendors to the freebies, this is the place to be!!! In just a few days, this Sunday, December 4th, the doors will open at noon in Liberty Station and let the shopping begin!!! The first one hundred shoppers arriving at the Holiday Hit List will receive a swag bag full of goodies and coupons from our members and wonderful vendors.
Wanna peek?

Here’s just a few examples of the goodies that hide inside:

Hoping to be one of the first one hundred shoppers you better get there early to snag a swag. But even if you don’t get there early enough there are many other freebies waiting for you. Follow the trail as you participate in the scavenger hunt and be entered into a drawing to receive a free gift. Wanna be creative? Fulfill that interlying crafter in you by participating in the craft booth. And what about those gifts you’ve purchased? You don’t want that sneaky individual seeing what you bought them. Wrap all those gifts you have at our wrapping booth. Want to look crazy or create a memory? Take a photo of you and your friends in our photo booth. Come and enjoy the freebies but don’t forget to shop, shop shop!!! Support those wonderful creative vendors we have!!! It’s the perfect place to buy those creative gifts for the holidays!!!

We've posted the vendor list! Get a look at all the vendors that will be participating in this year's event!

Don’t miss out!!!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Catalina Swing Dance Festival Nov 18-20, 2011

If you don't know what to do this weekend and you would like to get away, here's a great event that is happening this weekend, 26 miles away from the coast of Los Angeles. There is also a Saturday only option. Take the Catalina Express over in the morning, enjoy the day exploring Avalon, and then go to the dance/concert, and then take the special late night boat back home. No hotels, and a great time is assured.

JOIN US AT THE “CATALINA SWING DANCE FESTIVAL” – in all the world, no event like this!

The Catalina Swing Dance Festival will take place November 18-20, 2011 in Avalon, CA – We anticipate having 400+ swing dancers descend on Catalina: a small, picturesque island 22 miles west of mainland Los Angeles famous for its quaint inns, breathtaking landscape and clear waters.

Swing dancers from around the world will once again “cut a rug” all weekend in the beautiful Casino Ballroom on the island. This event will be filled with social dancing, workshops, and live music. All levels are welcome for dance workshops and even those that don’t dance and want to sit back and enjoy the live music and performances in the evening are encouraged to attend. The Catalina Swing Dance Festival will be the only weekend event featuring what the building was originally built for – dancing!

“You will not find a more beautiful setting for an evening dance or weekend festival than the casino ballroom”, says Joel Plys the organizer of the event. “The long-term goal is to build the festival to a weeklong event featuring live music and dancing throughout Avalon.”


The Casino Ballroom is situated on Sugar Loaf Point at the northern end of Avalon Harbor. This Art Deco building was completed in the Spring of 1929, and is an engineering masterpiece. The structure stood taller than any building in Los Angeles at the time. The ballroom took its name from the Italian "place of entertainment," and does not actually have gambling of any kind. At the time of its construction, America was immersed in the Jazz Age and "swing fever" had taken hold, with large dance halls called "casinos" popping up throughout the country. The Avalon Casino, by far one of the most spectacular ballrooms in the United States (and the largest circular ballroom in the world), drew thousands of dancers who would come by steamship from the mainland.

Twelve stories high and 180 feet in diameter, the Casino holds a large movie theater on the first floor with remarkable acoustic features and an immense hand-painted mural depicting the geography and history of Catalina Island.
Above the theatre lies the Ballroom.

At 10,000 square feet it boasts an arched 50 foot domed ceiling that holds five Tiffany chandeliers, rose-colored walls made up of full-length panoramic windows; an expansive outdoor balcony, an elevated stage, and spacious seating surround the circular dance floor.

This ballroom was built for dancers. The hardwood floor is constructed over layers of foam, pine and cork, all of which are suspended over five feet of air. It makes for a dancer's dream, and eliminates all noise that could otherwise disturb the theatre below.

Today, the facility is mainly used for weddings, conventions, and occasional music festivals and fire code limits the attendance to 1,200. For more information see:

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Goddess or Renaissance Maiden?

A few Fridays back, Lindsay and I appeared on San Diego Living dressed as goddesses in togas. We explained how to easily make a toga costume and how to make some accessories to wear with it. It was such a quick segment that I thought I should share some pictures on how to make the floral head-wreath I showed.

Click here to watch out segment.

What you will need:

6 Pipe cleaners / chenille stems

1 Roll green floral tape

3 Bunches of silk flowers (15-20 individual flowers)

1 Pair craft wire cutters (very helpful, not 100% necessary)

1. Bend over one inch at the end of two chenille stems, then hook them together and twist them closed.

2. Then center an additional pipe cleaner over the joint formed by the last two and twist them together to double it up and give it some strength.

Test the size, you may need to add another stem to make it fit around your head, just add it by repeating steps 1 & 2. Make sure you have doubled up the stems all the way around the circle to keep it from being too floppy. Mine took 3 to go around and another 3 to reinforce.

3. Cut flowers off of bunch with 2 inches of stem using wire cutters

(Watch the video clip above for a tip on how to remove the flowers with out wire cutters.)

4. Wrap the craft tape in a tight over-lapping spiral around the stems of the flowers and the pipe cleaner, adding a new flower about every inch and a half to two inches (this may vary depending upon size of flowers).

5. Finish with some ribbon streamers just for fun and you too can be a goddess or a Renaissance maiden.

Depending upon what flowers you choose it can be an accessory to many different costumes, and they are quite popular to wear at Renaissance fairs. Lindsay (Rae Wolf Designs) and I (Robin of R Priest Ellgy Co) will be at the Escondido Renaissance Faire along with Julie at her booth the Jewels of Friendship. Drop by and say hi!!

The Escondido Renaissance Faire is held in

Felicita Park, Escondido, CA


October 29th & 30th

November 5th & 6th


10 a.m. to 6 p.m. each day

Monday, October 17, 2011

Sunday, Crafty Sunday Dia de los Muertos

Over 200 people attended Sunday, Crafty Sunday Dia de los Muertos edition at the Centro in Balboa Park 10/16.  

Stay tune for our next crafty event, the Holiday Hit List December 4 at Liberty Station. 

Craft Mafia Member at Village Venture

Claremont Chamber Village Venture Arts & Crafts Faire Sat Oct 22 2011

Come see Rae Wolf Designs and Janie's Creations in Claremont for the Village Venture Arts and Crafts Faire. This event offers international foods, arts and crafts, and a children's halloween costume parade. Located in Claremont Village this annual events has attracted over 20,000 visitors and this year will will offer over 450 arts and crafts booths including photography, pottery, jewelry, and garden accessories. Rae Wolf Designs will be the monthly featured artist of the Diamond Center, located in the Village.

The Village Claremont 
250 Yale Street 
Claremont CA 91711 

Open 9-5 Free Admission
Parade starts at 930

Shuttle Service

You can eliminate the parking hassles at Village Venture by taking advantage of the free shuttle service offered by the Pomona Valley Transit Authority (PVTA). Shuttle service is available from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Parking for the shuttle pick up will be located at:
• Claremont University Facilities on First and Mills
• Claremont Youth Activity Center on Scripps and Indian Hill
• St. Ambrose Episcopal Church on Bonita

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

'Sunday, Crafty Sunday' - Dia de los Muertos - Don't forget!!!

The feeling of wet beach sand, the memory of molding wet sand castles as a child, rememberance of the dead, celebration of life the sweetness of sugar and the hard work of the hands . . . The sugar skull factory began Monday night to get ready for our 'Sunday Crafty, Sunday' Dia de los Muertos event to be held in Balboa Park. With the use of sugar given the texture of wet beach sand, one hundred skulls were molded with the intent to be given away at this event. Similar to life, each skull is fragile during creation, ready to crumble if a wrong move is made. As they cure the skull hardens to become more durable; however, if dropped a shattering effect can occur with the cumbling of the the sweet sugar in which they were created. A waiting prcess begins as each skull must dry and then the celebration of the decoration of these skull will begin. The process can take several days to create as each skull becomes their own. Be one of the first one hundred individuals to attend and recieve one of these hand-made sugar skulls and a marigold.
When you attend be ready to use your own hands to create a fun craft to take home at our DIY crafting table. Enjoy the music of a DJ and fill your stomach with food. COme and see our own ofrenda (or altar). This is a celebration so remember to bring your money we've got alot of crafty vendors that put the hard work of their hands into the wonderful creations they have to sell. Come to our 'Sunday, Crafty Sunday' Dia de los Muertos event located at the Centro de las Raza in Balboa Park, right off Park Blvd. It's alot of fun and a time for celebration. Don't miss it!!!

Sunday, Crafty Sunday
Dia de los Muertos
Sunday, October 16th
Centro de las Raza in Balboa Park
2004 Park Blvd. 92101
Noon to 6pm

Monday, October 3, 2011

Friday Night Liberty - Our Last One for 2011!

The Craft Mafia has been very pleased to be a part of the Friday Night Liberty (FNL) events for the summer. We've brought together some very crafty vendors this year which have made for great Friday night shopping! Sadly, as the summer weather comes to an end, so must our vendor shopping area for it will soon be colder outside in the evening. Don't worry, we'll be back next year once it warms up again! If you are a vendor who is interested in having a booth, please email us and we will make sure to let you know when the shopping events are starting up again. Just because our vendors won't be there, doesn't mean that the FNL events are ending. They continue all year long with participating galleries, studios, and special presentations scheduled.

Don't miss the next Friday Night Liberty on October 7th!
the NTC Promenade at Liberty Station
2690 Historic Decatur Rd. - 92106
across from Con Pane Cafe)

5pm - 8pm

*Interested vendors should contact us for more info. about how to participate:

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Some Like it Haunt-San Diego & Coronado, California 10/27-10/30/2011

Some Like It Haunt is a halloween event happening in San Diego and Coronado.
This event will take place on 10/27-10/30.

Official website for event:
Facebook group for event:

You should go because:

4 nights of live swing band music
Trio Gadjo featuring Isela LeClair (San Diego)
Dean Mora (Los Angeles)
Jonathan Stout and his Campus Five, featuring Hillary Alexander (Los Angeles)
Stompy Jones (San Francisco)

There will be 4 nights of Themes!
Circus Spooktacular
Titanic Trist Ball
Baile de los Muertos (Dance of the Dead)
Mobster Mash Ball

4 nights of swing dance competitions!

There will also be vendor opportunities! The spaces are 6 ft tables, and are the price of the event. So for $70 bucks(by 10/15), you can sell for 4 nights, and get to hear music from great bands, and get to see amazing swing dancing! Please email for more information for vendors.

This event is organized by Svea one of the founding members of the San Diego North Park Craft Mafia, please email her at for more information about the event.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

"Sunday, Crafty Sunday" Día de los Muertos! - October 16th!

It's been a while since we've hosted a Sunday, Crafty Sunday event, so what better way to bring those back than with a Day of the Dead celebration? We'll have a DIY crafting table where you can make a fun craft to take with you, there'll also be a DJ, food, our own ofrenda (or altar), and of course - crafty vendors!* The event will be at the Centro Cultural de las Raza in Balboa Park. You don't want to miss this one!

Learn more about the history of el Día de los Muertos!

Sunday, Crafty Sunday -
Día de los Muertos
Sunday, October 16th
Centro Cultural de la Raza in Balboa Park
2004 Park Blvd., 92101

Noon - 6pm

*Download the vendor app. or email us for more info.
Send emails to -

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Holiday Hit List Update!

We have just completed the first round of jurying for this year's Holiday Hit List event! The vendor list will be posted on November 1st. In the mean time, we'll be posting updates about the event as we have them, so check back here every week for all the latest info!

If you are a vendor and still want to apply to the Holiday Hit List, we are accepting applications for the next round of jurying, so get your apps. in by October 31st! Avoid the late fee & get you app. in before October 1st!

Also, we are no longer accepting any more jewelry vendors. We always limit the number of vendors who sell jewelry in order to have a wide variety of products available to our shoppers.

Want more info. about the Holiday Hit List? Visit the FAQ page and read all about it! Vendors can then apply online by following the link at the bottom! We hope to see you on December 4th!

Friday, August 5, 2011

The Craft Mafia at Friday Night Liberty!

Tonight is Friday Night Liberty at the NTC Promenade in Liberty Station! Check out some of the fabulous San Diego North Park Craft Mafia's favorite vendors, along with the amazing Velvet Klaw's studio!

And attention vendors! We have a few open vendor spaces (they're free!!!) because of cancellations, so contact us by 3pm at info(at) if you want a last minute vendor opportunity!!!

Please click HERE for more information including a map for the event!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Vendors - Apply Now for the 5th Annual Holiday Hit List!

It's that time again! We are now accepting applications for our 5th Annual Holiday Hit List happening on December 4th, 2011! This year we are moving back to the NTC Promenade. The Corky McMillan Event Center is a fabulous venue with lots of free parking for vendors and shoppers! There are also lots of great places to eat and get refreshments. We've created an FAQ page that should answer many of your questions. Please read through that and then apply online. If you apply by July 31st, you can get in on last year's prices! Fees will increase on August 1st, so don't delay! All vendors are juried to ensure quality products and variety of crafts represented. We limit the number of jewelry vendors that we accept, so if that's your craft, apply early. We hope you will join us!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Time For Friday Night Liberty - July 1st!

The summer is continuing with the next Friday Night Liberty event on July 1st from 5 pm - 8 pm! Get the holiday weekend started off right! Come to the NTC Promenade at Liberty Station where you will find galleries and art studios are open to visitors. We've also invited some crafty vendors to set up around the venue. Be sure to check out all the great stuff there! Admission is FREE and there's always lots of parking. Be sure to stop by the Velvet Klaw Studio located in Barracks 19 building!

Vendors to Include:
Jewels of Friendship, Lillie's Soap Co., Lisa's Ribbons, Mai Couture Shoppe, R. Priest Ellgy Co., Rochelle DiMaggio, Samari Designs, Sweet Girl Boutique, TaBou Treasures, Tropicoso, & With Heart By Elaine.

For more info. about Friday Night Liberty Visit:

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Today's Lunar Eclipse!!!

Today there was a total lunar eclipse! Although we did not get to see it ourselves from our location on the planet, it was amazing! The center point of the Earth's shadow passed across the Moon dimming it totally for almost 2 hours!

This type of eclipse hasn't happened in about 11 years but will happen again in December.

This type of cosmic event effects us in ways we may never even notice or be aware of, but one thing is for sure: let that creativity roll out on out of you!

Let the Moon be your source of crafty love!!!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

We Had So Much Fun @ the SLU!!!

The Spring Line Up 2011 was a total blast!!!! We had a Craft Lounge with swag bags, dozens of awesome vendors, great customers, and a wildly exciting doggie fashion show (one lil model even poopied on stage! HA!) If you missed out..... BUMMER!!!!! But we'll be back next year!

Check out some of our photos from the event!

Crafty crafty LOVE!!!!