Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sunday Crafty Sunday presents.... The Dia de los Muertos Craft Show!!


Our Sunday Crafty Sunday Dia de los Muertos Craft Show is less than a month away!  Come visit us and our crafty vendors on Sunday, October 13th in the parking lot of the Birch Theatre in North Park.

What is el Dia de los Muertos?

From the website

"Dia de los Muertos is one of Mexico's traditional holidays reuniting and honoring beloved ancestors, family and friends. It is an ancient and enduring ritual when the living commune with the dead – a mystical night when the veil is lifted between their two realms and they may share a day together...

...This night is an important feast and evocation. It is a time when family members share memorable stories that evoke the lives of their ancestors . Offerings and altars are created to welcome and commemorate the dead. Marigolds and incense are offered in abundance because it is believed their aromatic scents guide the dead to the place where the feast is being held. . A profusion of candles dispels the darkness just as the souls are being illuminated from the shadows of death. Altars are created with photos, mementos, fruit, bread, and other favorite things of the ancestors being welcomed and honored. The artifacts of these altars also provide the opportunity to teach children about those who came before them...

...Dia de los Muertos is a time of celebration on remembrance. It is also a time to come to terms with our mortality and become aware of the cycle of life and death. Rather than deny and fear death this event teaches us to accept and contemplate the meaning of mortality."
Commonly called the Day of the Dead in the United States, Los Dias de los Muertos occurs on November 1st and 2nd, right after our Halloween holiday. The San Diego North Park Craft Mafia honors this holiday through a Dia de los Muertos themed craft show.  This year we plan to feature not only crafty vendors with Dia de los Muertos themed crafts, but also marigolds, sugar skulls, and an array of hand-crafted altars!

Want to be a vendor at our Sunday Crafty Sunday Dia de los Muertos show?  Sign up for our vendor newsletter.  We will be emailing the link to the show application to our vendor list only.
Want to set up an altar to be displayed at the Sunday Craft Sunday Dia de los Muertos show?  Details to follow soon!
Thanks for celebrating Dia de los Muertos with the San Diego North Park Craft Mafia!