Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Thanksgiving Cornucopia Craft

Need a quick gift for a coworker/family friend this Thanksgiving?  Here's a cute one I found on Pinterest:


My sister tried it this weekend.  After the first few tries she got 9 good ones.  We found the waffle cones at Food-4-Less and she used Reeses Pieces instead of M&M's, but you could stuff it with just about anything!!!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving and we hope to see you selling or shopping at The Holiday Hit List on Sunday, December 8th.

We're still accepting applications for non-jewelry vendors.  Sign up for our vendor newsletter to find out how!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Come See Craft Mafia Members At Two Shows This Weekend!

Looking for something to satisfy your craving for crafts? You're in luck with two shows happening this weekend! Be sure to look for Craft Mafia members and our other crafty vendor friends! Here's what's happening in San Diego;

Saturday: Lindbergh-Schweitzer Elementary Holiday Arts and Craft Fair!
Join in the fun on November 23rd at the Lindbergh-Schweitzer Holiday Arts & Craft Fair in Clairemont.  The event runs from 9am to 3pm at the Lindbergh-Schweitzer Elementary School. Free admission and free parking!! Get a start on your holiday shopping. Be sure to stop by booth #122 and see Craft Mafia member Miss Finch's Finery!

**Edit: Mafia Member My Lucky Dragon will be there too!

Saturday & Sunday: Check out The Goblin Market!
November 23rd and 24th marks the return of The Goblin Market to the Town and Country Convention Center. Located behind Fashion Valley Mall, in the Atlas Ballroom, there will be lots of great vendors to shop from - including Craft Mafia member R Priest Ellgy Co!

The event runs from 10 am to 4 pm both days. There is a $5 entry and children under 12 are free! Cash is recommended, but we also accept PayPal, with a $5 parking voucher for all guests who chose to park in the Town and Country lot. The FIRST HOUR on Saturday is FREE ENTRY into the Market!!! Goodie Bags will be given to the first 25 people Saturday and Sunday! Don't miss out!!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Time to get ready to 'Shop! Shop! Shop!' Our "Hit List' is less than a month away!!! And this next week Monsters Under the Bed!!!

For those looking for our next San Diego’s North Park Craft Mafia event we’re working hard creating an amazing Holiday Hit List Shopping Spectacular on December 8th at Corky McMillin Event Center at Liberty Station from 11:00am – 5:00pm. It’s less than a month away!!!! Come bring your money to ‘Shop! Shop! Shop’ and get great gifts for those ‘bosses’ on your ‘hit list.’ We have some amazing local artists and crafters that make some wonderful handmade items for you to choose from. And make sure you come early for our ‘Swag’ give away before their all gone and stay late to be a part of that raffle that ‘hits’ on the hour to win some great gifts. Stay tuned for more info because it’ll be a great event and lots of fun!!!!

For those of you wanting to do something this week to entertain yourself and maybe your kids, here’s a great puppet show created for all ages called Monsters Under the Bed! Wanna look? I sure do!!! Don't be a monster and miss this or the Hit List!!!!

 “What was that? . . . Did you feel it? . . . I think something is moving under there!!!! . . Wanna look? Me neither!!! . Do you hear that? I hear something like a rock band!  . . . What could it be? Let’s look together on the count of three . . . One . . . Two . . . Three! Look!!!!!  . . . What is that??????”

Set off with Tommy on his great adventure as he checks out what is under that bed of his. Monsters Under the Bed is back with those whimsical, musical creatures hiding out under Tommy’s bed ready to teach him the lesson that not all monsters are bad.

Monster’s Under the Bed produced by Julie Otto’s Julie’s Puppet Creations will capture the imaginations of all as they travel under the bed with Tommy to watch a monster talent contest and to find out where that “Big” judge is hiding. Performed at the Marie Hitchcock Puppet Theater in Balboa Park this show is a full stage blacklight puppet show with a team of puppeteers breathing life into both marionettes and large format puppets to make this story come alive.

 ‘Monsters Under the Bed’
By Julie Otto’s Julie’s Puppet Creations
Marie Hitchcock Puppet Theater
Balboa Park

November 13th - 17th
Wed. - Fri. 10:00 am & 11:30 am
Sat. - Sun. 11:00 am, 1:00 pm & 2:30 pm
General Admission: $5
Seniors / Military: $4
Under 2 are free 

Marie Hitchcock Puppet Theater
Balboa Park
2130 Pan American Rd.
San Diego, CA 92101

Box Office:
open on show days

Sunday, November 10, 2013

We Want to Add You to Our Hit List!

It's almost time for our 7th Annual Holiday Hit List Shopping Spectacular! This year's event will take place on Sunday, December 8th from 11 am to 5 pm at the Corky McMillin Event Center at Liberty Station. Each year we present a fabulous group of local artists and crafters with wonderful handmade gift items for those on your shopping "hit" list! We'll be posting more info in the next few weeks, so stay tuned! You won't want to miss this!

Attention Crafty Vendors!  There's still time to join the Hit List! Visit our vendor FAQ page at HolidayHitList.com to get the details and then submit your application!

Download a printer-friendly flyer.
Single page or 4-up per page

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Never Too Late to Apply!

Hi Crafty Friends,

Our Dia de Los Muertos Craft Show is in just over one week, but you can still apply to be in our show!

We love Halloween and the Dia de los Muertos holiday, but you don't have to be a spooky vendor to be in our show!

Customers love fall shopping, and it's a great time to pick up early holiday gifts.  So if you were unsure about being in our show, don't be!

If you still want to apply. please sign up for our vendor newsletter and let us know you're interested: http://www.sandiegonorthparkcraftmafia.com/SCS/SCS-dodFAQs2013-website.html

We are also looking for people to make altars to celebrate their loved ones that have passed away.  You can get more info about that here: http://www.sandiegonorthparkcraftmafia.com/SCS/dodaltars.html

See you at the show!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Craft Show Moved to 10/27

Eeek!  Could it be?...

Our Sunday Crafty Sunday Dia de los Muertos Craft Show has a date change!  The date has changed to:

Sunday, October 27th
11 am to 5 pm

We apologize for any inconvenience.  We hope you can still make it to our show!

On the plus side, there is still time to apply if you've been thinking about it.  Please note that we still have a waitlist for jewelry vendors.

Please follow this link to read our FAQ and to join our vendor newsletter: http://www.sandiegonorthparkcraftmafia.com/SCS/SCS-dodFAQs2013-website.html

Hope to see you there!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Dia de los Muertos- How and Why to Make an Altar

This year the San Diego North Park Craft Mafia has decided to add a new feature to our Sunday Crafty Sunday Dia de los Muertos Craft Show: altars!  For the minimal fee of $10, you can display a memorial altar to the public during the hours of the Dia de los Muertos Craft Show.  Best of all, your $10 fee will be donated to the Barrio Logan College Institute.

Why make an altar?

            Dia de los Muertos altars are traditionally set up by families in Mexico to honor family members who have died, although you can construct an altar to anyone who has departed the earth.   Los Dias de los Muertos is celebrated on November 1 and November 2 each year, and it is a period of celebration. These altars are typically bright and colorful and are not designed out of sadness or mourning, but out of joy. 

What is an altar for?

           It is believed that on November 2nd the souls of the departed can visit their beloved families in this world.  The lights of candles and petals of marigolds guide each soul to its own altar and house so they can celebrate and consume what has been prepared for them.  Altars are typically constructed on November 1st.

What do I need to make an altar?

          A Day of the Dead altar should include some of the departed’s favorite things plus decorations appropriate to the holiday, such as Mexican sugar skulls, skeletons, and candles.  Other ideas include:

·         Table and or boxes to create the altar on.

·         A tablecloth to cover your table and/or boxes.

·         The arch -  The arch represents the passage between life and death. If you can't get sugar cane stalks, get creative and make your arch out of other materials.

·         A portrait of the departed-  It can be a painting, a picture, etc.

·         Flowerszempoaxochitil (marigolds) are the traditional flower used on the altar. 

·         Food and drink.  Traditional meals and favorites of the departed are prepared and placed on the altar.

·         Pitcher of water and glass to quench the thirst of the departed one.

·         Soap, towel, and water – Just in case the departed wants to wash his/her hands after the long trip and before he/she eats the delicious food.

There are many great resources out there to help you plan your altar.  Here are a few very informative websites:


Here is the link to the Barrio Logan College Institute:  http://blci.org/index.php

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sunday Crafty Sunday presents.... The Dia de los Muertos Craft Show!!


Our Sunday Crafty Sunday Dia de los Muertos Craft Show is less than a month away!  Come visit us and our crafty vendors on Sunday, October 13th in the parking lot of the Birch Theatre in North Park.

What is el Dia de los Muertos?

From the website ladyofthedead.com:

"Dia de los Muertos is one of Mexico's traditional holidays reuniting and honoring beloved ancestors, family and friends. It is an ancient and enduring ritual when the living commune with the dead – a mystical night when the veil is lifted between their two realms and they may share a day together...

...This night is an important feast and evocation. It is a time when family members share memorable stories that evoke the lives of their ancestors . Offerings and altars are created to welcome and commemorate the dead. Marigolds and incense are offered in abundance because it is believed their aromatic scents guide the dead to the place where the feast is being held. . A profusion of candles dispels the darkness just as the souls are being illuminated from the shadows of death. Altars are created with photos, mementos, fruit, bread, and other favorite things of the ancestors being welcomed and honored. The artifacts of these altars also provide the opportunity to teach children about those who came before them...

...Dia de los Muertos is a time of celebration on remembrance. It is also a time to come to terms with our mortality and become aware of the cycle of life and death. Rather than deny and fear death this event teaches us to accept and contemplate the meaning of mortality."
Commonly called the Day of the Dead in the United States, Los Dias de los Muertos occurs on November 1st and 2nd, right after our Halloween holiday. The San Diego North Park Craft Mafia honors this holiday through a Dia de los Muertos themed craft show.  This year we plan to feature not only crafty vendors with Dia de los Muertos themed crafts, but also marigolds, sugar skulls, and an array of hand-crafted altars!

Want to be a vendor at our Sunday Crafty Sunday Dia de los Muertos show?  Sign up for our vendor newsletter.  We will be emailing the link to the show application to our vendor list only.
Want to set up an altar to be displayed at the Sunday Craft Sunday Dia de los Muertos show?  Details to follow soon!
Thanks for celebrating Dia de los Muertos with the San Diego North Park Craft Mafia!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Craft Shows coming up!

Hello there! Our Summer Cement Block was a hit. So many people loved it. It's going to be a start of future events at the North Park Theatre parking lot!

Our next event will be at the same location. We are planning a killer Dia de Los Muertos craft show featuring community altars, and a muertos procession!

Our Holiday Hit List will be at the NTC Liberty station on December 8!

Be sure to put both of these events on your calendar.

Stay tuned for more information coming.

XOXO The San Diego North Park Craft Mafia

Friday, August 2, 2013

This Sunday! Sunday Crafty Sunday continues with the Summer Cement Craft Block.

This Sunday! Get your craft on in North Park at the Summer Cement Craft Block at the Birch Theatre at 29th St and North Park Way from 10am-5pm! Here' a list of vendors with links to shops if they have them below that will be attending our show. If links don't work, click here: http://www.sandiegonorthparkcraftmafia.com/SCS/SCS-summer.html

Attic 802 http://www.attic802.etsy.com
Jewels Of Friendship http://www.jewelsoffriendship.com
R Priest Ellgy Co. http://www.rpriestellgyco.artfire.com
Miss Finch's Finery http://www.missfinchsfinery.com
My Lucky Dragon        http://Www.myluckydragon.etsy.com

Wire Harmony
fancy Girl Designs http://www.fancygirldesigns.etsy.com
Jays Gemstone Jewelry http://www.facebook.com/jaysgemstonejewelry
Aunt Be Botanicals http://www.AuntBeBotanicals.com
Rebe http://Specksandkeepings.com
Sweet Silhouette http://sweet-silhouette.com
KirstenBJeweled https://www.etsy.com/shop/KirstenBJeweled
CROCHET NECKLACES BY CONNA http://crochetnecklacesbyconna.com
Zabana Essentials http://www.zabanaessentials.com
GingerLee Designs http://www.gingerleedesigns.com
So Nice Jewelry http://www.sonicejewelry.com
Shilo Glass
Jewelry by Kathleen Dang http://www.facebook.com/jewelrybyksyd
Highton Creations
Feral Godmother Services http://FeralGodmother.etsy.com
PapaDesign http://papadesign.etsy.com
Silentcheesecake http://www.etsy.com/shop/silentcheesecake
Christensen Studio Jewelry
Sew Loka's Handmade Artisan Collective http://www.facebook.com/SewLoka
ShellyZ Creations http://www.etsy.com/shop/shellyzcreations
P.Hump Photography
Smashed Creations http://www.smashedcreations.com
Wyng'd Lyon Creations http://wyngdlyon.com
The Village Potter http://TheVillagePotter.blogspot.com
DelMar D-Signs http://Facebook.com/delmarhair
Sherrer The Love https://www.facebook.com/Sherrerthelove?ref=stream
San Diego Apothecary http://www.sandiegoapothecary.com
Corkies Cute Creations http://www.etsy.com/shop/corkiescutecreations
Apple Shell Designs
Sir Tellabeem Presents http://sirtellabeem.com
Bohemian Tribe http://www.BohemianTribe.Etsy.com
Tiare Earthgems Hawaii http://www.earthgemshawaii.etsy.com
Lacey Haegen Naturally Luxurious Skin Care http://www.laceyhaegen.com
Bjorkman Creations http://bjorkmancreations.com
Lil Chikadees
G Wizz Expressions http://gwizzexpressions.com
Kit's Designs http://www.kits.etsy.com
Jessica's Jewelry Shop https://www.facebook.com/pages/Jessicas-Jewelry-Shop/106447432717610
KiS n Makeup https://www.etsy.com/shop/Lynndart
3 little birds beads http://www.mrlpro.wix.com/3lbbeads
Little Pink Plum http://www.littlepinkplum.etsy.com
Olive On The Moon http://www.oliveonthemoon.etsy.com
Martha's Jewelry and More
SamuelYoungDesigns http://www.etsy.com/shop/SamuelYoungDesigns
Handcrafted By Sylvia
Heather's Boutique and Embroidery http://www.heathergaleadesigns.com
Sweetheart Stitches http://www.facebook.com/sweetheartstitches
Briar & The Rose http://briarandtherose.com
Michelle Champagne Hair Bows
Rock Of Paiges Wire Wrapped Jewelry & Design http://etsy.com/shop/RockOfPaiges
Just Because
Timeless*Shine http://TimelessShine.com
Sweetheart Stitches http://www.facebook.com/sweetheartstitches
Eastbound Kids http://www.etsy.com/shop/Eastboundkids
Small and Great Crochet http://www.smallandgreat.com
Jungle Glass
Kelso Doesnt Dance http://www.KelsoDoesntDance.com
Hand Knit Boutique

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Craft Mafia section of the Festival of the Arts, May 18, 2013 11am-6pm

Hello there! It's time again to come to the North Park Festival of the Arts, May 18, 2013 11am-6pm, and check out our hand picked Craft Mafia section of the event! Highlights for our section are: 29 hand made vendors, Craft Lounge-craft classes starting every hour, Fashion Show-items from our vendors will be in a fashion show on the Main Stage @1pm.

We will have a craft lounge, where you can learn to make this bracelet. Svea Komori of Belle Pepper Couture will be teaching this class for FREE. The kits to make this bracelet starts at $14.00 and up. There will also be tools & bracelet boards available for purchase. Supplies to make this bracelet can be purchased at Dancing Bear Indian Trader located in Escondido, CA.

Our members who will be there:

These are the Craft Mafia approved vendors who were the chosen few....

Aunt Be Botanicals
Bleu Vintage
Crafty Cards
Frivolous Passion
i wish i had a penguin friend
Ivy League
J.M. Fusions LLC
Lil Chikadees
Marooned Crab Creations, LLC
Mi Bazaar Latino
Miss Finch's Finery
Mostly Monsters Chula Vista
My Lucky Dragon
Originals by Lu
sir tellabeem presents
Small and Great Crochet
Studio M
The Adventurous Rabbit
The Sunny Bunny
Trulie Gifted
Upcycled Life

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Happy St. Patty's Day!

Feeling like a little treat this St. Patrick's Day (Sunday)?

Try these Shamrock Pretzel Treats!!!

Here is what you'll need:

  • Pretzels- small twists
  • Irish Cream Hershey Kisses (or just regular chocolate ones)
  • Mint (or just green) M&M's
  • Green Candy Melts (or frosting)
  • Parchment Paper
  • Cookie Sheet

  • Here's the How-To:

    1. Pre-heat your oven to 200˚.

    2. Cover a cookie sheet with waxed paper. Cover with a single layer of pretzels and place a Hershey Kiss in the center of each pretzel.

    3. Place the cookie sheet in the oven at 200˚ for about 8 minutes, until the Hershey Kisses are soft, but not melted.

    4. Remove the cookie sheet from the oven and immediately press 3 green M&M's on each Hershey Kiss, creating a Shamrock.

    5. Melt a few green candy melts (or use green frosting) and add a stem to each shamrock.

    6. Put them in the fridge until the chocolate sets back up.   Ready to serve!

    My sister made these the other day and they were great!  You can find more pictures and details here: http://catholiccuisine.blogspot.com/2012/03/st-patricks-shamrock-pretzel-treats.html


    Sunday, February 3, 2013

    Superbowl Super Crafty!

    If you are a little like me and have spent more time on Pinterest than on CBS, you may have neglected to do prep work for your Superbowl party.  But never fear!  With this simple no-sew craft you can have that table of pizza and potato chips looking "Super" in no time!

    What you will need:
    Green felt the length of your table, more or less
    5/8" white satin ribbon (2 or more rolls)
    scissors and/or rotary cutter
    Basically you trim the felt the length and width that you want it.  Glue the ribbon to all 4 sides.  Add yard lines and 1/2 yard dashes (the example has the yard lines 3 inches apart and 5 inches for the end zones.)  And viola!  You have a "super" crafty table runner that makes it look like you like football.  (har har har)
    To visit the original blog that Pinterest posted for this craft, please visit http://growingupgabel.com/no-sew-football-field-table-runner/

    BTW- what's the score?

    Sunday, January 27, 2013

    North Park Festival of Arts Featured Artist Contest

    Hello Everybody,

    We are gearing up for the 2013 North Park Festival of Arts and will be giving out details about how to apply for a spot soon.

    But until then, may this whet the appetites of all you budding artists: the Festival of Arts is currently hosting a "featured artist contest."

    What does that mean?  Each year the Festival searches for a new featured artist to represent the spirit of the Festival through one visual piece of original art. The chosen artist will receive a booth at the 2013 Festival of Arts. Art to be used in all marketing material from local San Diego publications, printed marketing material to web, social media and possible editorial features and media appearances (If comfortable), inclusion in all press and calendar releases. Artist profile featured on the North Park Festival of Arts website with a link to artist website or social media site of choice.

    Exciting?  Heck yeah!

    Requirements: Entries must be able to produce a digital format of the submitted piece & must be the original "artist's" and have all rights to submitted artwork.  Entries are due by February 14th at 11:59 pm.

    Here is a link to their website: http://www.northparkfestivalofarts.com/index.html#!/

    You can even view the submissions that have been received so far: http://www.northparkfestivalofarts.com/index.html#!/entries

    Hope some of you give it a shot!!!

    Sunday, January 6, 2013

    Happy New Year!

    Hello Crafty Friends!

    It's a new year and new times to think of new things, and start new.

    So thinking about that...

    Start thinking of the Festival of the Arts, we will have our application live online soon.
    Be sure to add yourself to the vendor email list.

    Happy New Year everyone! Till then, we will talk to you soon!

    XOXO, the San Diego North Park Craft Mafia