Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Busy week for the Mafia

First up this week in the Mafia world . . .
Tuesday, February 28th
The West Coast Welcomes Derby Lite® with "GET IN GEAR" SAN DIEGO

Attention ladies!! It's the event you've been waiting for! Time to "Get In Gear" and see what all the buzz is about! Derby Lite is coming to the Serra Mesa Recreation Center! If you are looking for a new fitness option that's never boring and always rewarding, why not give Derby Lite a try? It's way more than the typical exercise class!

GIG event participants will get a sample of what Derby Lite has to offer. We'll have skates & gear to use so you can "try before you buy". Bring a friend - it's sure to be fun for all!
Beginner level classes are set to begin
in early April!

Derby Lite: San Diego - Get In Gear Event!
Tuesday, February 28th
5:30 pm - 7:30 pm
The Serra Mesa Rec. Center is located at -
9020 Village Glen Drive., San Diego, CA 92123.

Note: February's Craft Night was rescheduled to last week to accommodate this event.

Wednesday, February 29th

The Craft Market at Village 631

Get your fix of locally handmade goods and caffeine by stopping by The Village Coffee and Wine Bar @ 631 on Leap Day. Mafia members R Priest Ellgy Co.and Rae Wolf Designs will be there along with Lottie Hop, Team Phun, Lisa's Ribbons, Salt Farm, Botanicology, Stylin' Pup Pillows, Scoops Chocolates, Glassimo, Bella Rouge Designs, Sawyer Ceramics, X-Pollinate Studio, and Jasmin Ruby Rose. The Village will also have a special selection of baked goodies for sale. This free event runs from 6pm-9pm at 631 9th Ave in the East Village.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Craft Night is Canceled for February :(

We regret that we are canceling our monthly craft night for February. Dancing Bear Indian Trader is hosting our monthly event and they are still busy moving into their new store. They'll be ready for us next month with their brand new location that has lots of beads, fabric, and other craft items for your shopping pleasure! Plus, there will be a whole crafting area for our craft night guests! See you next month!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Lots to Do

The new year is off to a crafty start with lot to do and see!

Be sure to stop by and check out the new Dancing Bear Indian Trader at 1016 West Valley Parkway Escondido. The much larger and more central location offers an expanded fabric section.

On Feb 29th head downtown to Village@631 just north of 9th and Market for a mini craft show. Village@631 offers awesome coffee and wine and is located in the East Village, 631 9th Ave San Diego. Reasonable parking rates can be found at Market and 6th in the "Park-it-on-Market" parking structure. Mafia Members Rae Wolf Designs & R Priest Ellgy will be showing, as will organizer Lottie Hop, stay tune to Lottie Hop on Facebook for more vendors and updates.

If your looking for a great deal and some inspiration check out Buffalo Breath's 3rd annual Massive Clearance Starting March 1st. Retail inventory will be drastically reduced and you can find great deals on used costumes, accessories, vintage and stage costumes from every genre.

March 7th will be the monthly craft night at Toma Sol Cafe from 6 to 9. Bring your craft project and spread out on the additional tables. Check out their amazing fair trade and organic coffee, I highly recommend the mocha.Toma Sol is located at 301 West Washington Street in Mission Hills just North of Hillcrest. Stay tune to their event calender for artist performance and local events.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine’s Day!!! Or to some Single’s Awareness Day!!!
Whether one or the other, it’s a date dedicated to the expressing love for one’s friends, family and for many their partner in life! Some celebrate it through the giving of gifts of flowers or candy while others celebrate by giving that special someone a handmade valentine. The question is how can you combine all three into one?
Simple a hand-made candy rose bouquet!

First you need:
2 Candy Kisses
Colored Cellophane
Craft Foam
or Silk Flower Leaves
Floral Tape
A Wooden Skewer
Glue Gun

Use the glue gun to attach the candy Kisses together bottom to bottom.
Cut a 6 x 6 inch square of the colored cellophane. Place the skewer tip into one tip of the kisses.
Place the other tip of the kiss into the center of the cellophane and fold the cellophane around both kisses.
Twist the cellophane tightly around the skewer.
Holding the wooden skewer with the cellophane tightly twisted wrap floral tape tighly around the twisted cellophane, covering the cellophane.
Once the cellophane is wrapped, either using cut leaf forms or silk artificial leaves attach the leaves by gluing the base of the leaf to the wooden skewer.
Then wrap the floral tape around the base of the leaf and continue to wrap the floral tape tightly around the skewer winding the tape all the way around to the base of the stick

Monday, February 6, 2012

Keeping Kids Crafty in San Diego

It seems like some of us are born crafty, while others have craftiness thrust upon them through school, work,or friends.  Love of crafting is best planted, though, when we are young and it can then bloom into a passion and a  lifetime of creativity.

But how to nurture this love of crafting?  Get your kids crafting while they're young!  Besides developing fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, teaching your kids how to craft can keep them busy and out of your hair for a few...well, minutes.  They say the best things in life are free and, believe it or not, Home Depot offers free kid's workshops the first Saturday of each month.  Between 9 am and 12 pm at each Home Depot location children aged 5-12 years can participate in free, hands-on workshops that will teach them do-it-yourself skills, tool safety, and keeps them crafty!  Each child gets to keep their newly-honed craft, receives a free orange mini-apron, commemorative pin, and certificate of achievement. 

The February workshop on Saturday, February 4th, was constructing a Valentine's Day themed keepsake box. Cute!

The March workshop, on Saturday, March 3rd, will be to build and race a #20 speedster race car.  How fun!

If you have kids and have the time, I hope you can check it out.


  Stay crafty, San Diego!!!!!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

New Year, New Newsletter!

That's right! We are no longer sending out PDF versions of our Monthly Messaggerro! Our newsletter will now be sent to your inbox as an HTML or text version. If you are already signed up to receive news from us, then you should have received it today. If you haven't signed up for it yet, then do it now! Here's the link to the sign up form. It's never been easier. If you missed out on this month's edition you can still get it online by using this link!

In addition to the regular newsletter, we will start sending out a supplemental newsletter to crafty vendors who are interested in participating in our events. Due to the large volume of emails we receive requesting vendor opportunity information, we decided to use an email campaign to keep in touch with everyone at once so we don't miss any requests. You can sign up for that by using the link above and checking "Yes - I'm interested in being a vendor at your events!" If you are already getting the newsletter & want to add the Vendor letter, then just use the link at the bottom of the newsletter that says, "update subscription preferences" and you can add yourself to the vendor email list. Vendor application links and show info. will be available through this special newsletter. If you aren't signed up, you may miss out on a vendor opportunity. Here's a short list of our upcoming events;

May 4th - Our Crafty Vendors will return to Friday Night Liberty at Liberty Station
May 20th - The Spring Line Up at the North Park Festival of the Arts
October 14th - Sunday, Crafty Sunday - Dia de los Muertos
December 2nd - The 6th Annual Holiday Hit List