Tuesday, October 11, 2011

'Sunday, Crafty Sunday' - Dia de los Muertos - Don't forget!!!

The feeling of wet beach sand, the memory of molding wet sand castles as a child, rememberance of the dead, celebration of life the sweetness of sugar and the hard work of the hands . . . The sugar skull factory began Monday night to get ready for our 'Sunday Crafty, Sunday' Dia de los Muertos event to be held in Balboa Park. With the use of sugar given the texture of wet beach sand, one hundred skulls were molded with the intent to be given away at this event. Similar to life, each skull is fragile during creation, ready to crumble if a wrong move is made. As they cure the skull hardens to become more durable; however, if dropped a shattering effect can occur with the cumbling of the the sweet sugar in which they were created. A waiting prcess begins as each skull must dry and then the celebration of the decoration of these skull will begin. The process can take several days to create as each skull becomes their own. Be one of the first one hundred individuals to attend and recieve one of these hand-made sugar skulls and a marigold.
When you attend be ready to use your own hands to create a fun craft to take home at our DIY crafting table. Enjoy the music of a DJ and fill your stomach with food. COme and see our own ofrenda (or altar). This is a celebration so remember to bring your money we've got alot of crafty vendors that put the hard work of their hands into the wonderful creations they have to sell. Come to our 'Sunday, Crafty Sunday' Dia de los Muertos event located at the Centro de las Raza in Balboa Park, right off Park Blvd. It's alot of fun and a time for celebration. Don't miss it!!!

Sunday, Crafty Sunday
Dia de los Muertos
Sunday, October 16th
Centro de las Raza in Balboa Park
2004 Park Blvd. 92101
Noon to 6pm

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Lindsay Rae said...

Mmmm Sugar Skulls, I can't wait to start decorating!