Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Goddess or Renaissance Maiden?

A few Fridays back, Lindsay and I appeared on San Diego Living dressed as goddesses in togas. We explained how to easily make a toga costume and how to make some accessories to wear with it. It was such a quick segment that I thought I should share some pictures on how to make the floral head-wreath I showed.

Click here to watch out segment.

What you will need:

6 Pipe cleaners / chenille stems

1 Roll green floral tape

3 Bunches of silk flowers (15-20 individual flowers)

1 Pair craft wire cutters (very helpful, not 100% necessary)

1. Bend over one inch at the end of two chenille stems, then hook them together and twist them closed.

2. Then center an additional pipe cleaner over the joint formed by the last two and twist them together to double it up and give it some strength.

Test the size, you may need to add another stem to make it fit around your head, just add it by repeating steps 1 & 2. Make sure you have doubled up the stems all the way around the circle to keep it from being too floppy. Mine took 3 to go around and another 3 to reinforce.

3. Cut flowers off of bunch with 2 inches of stem using wire cutters

(Watch the video clip above for a tip on how to remove the flowers with out wire cutters.)

4. Wrap the craft tape in a tight over-lapping spiral around the stems of the flowers and the pipe cleaner, adding a new flower about every inch and a half to two inches (this may vary depending upon size of flowers).

5. Finish with some ribbon streamers just for fun and you too can be a goddess or a Renaissance maiden.

Depending upon what flowers you choose it can be an accessory to many different costumes, and they are quite popular to wear at Renaissance fairs. Lindsay (Rae Wolf Designs) and I (Robin of R Priest Ellgy Co) will be at the Escondido Renaissance Faire along with Julie at her booth the Jewels of Friendship. Drop by and say hi!!

The Escondido Renaissance Faire is held in

Felicita Park, Escondido, CA


October 29th & 30th

November 5th & 6th


10 a.m. to 6 p.m. each day

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