Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Learning the Lingo

I ripped the page out of my women's magazine and hung it over my mirror when I saw a little blurb that said this:

CRAFTERMATH- The clutter left lying around after you finally make that thing you found on Pinterest. (ha-ha)

I decided to double-check the definition on the end-all-be-all of online dictionaries, (WARNING- will define any term in commom usage, even the naughty words, so beware!).  This is what they said:

CRAFTERMATH- The resulting and overwhelming mess that is left lying all about after a full day, week, or month of creative pursuits. Massive amounts of creative supplies jumbled and piled all together, all about ones workspace, making it impossible to continue crafting until cleaned and possibly preventing any inspiration whatsoever.

I think a craftermath might look a little like this:

I know my room has looked a little like this.  In fact, it kind of does right now!

If you found either quote enchanting, guess what?  You can purchase them online!  How about a vinyl wall quote for your craft room?

Or a magnet, mug, or t-shirt?

If you have survived a craftermath- or even if you just helped create one- I would love to hear any other cute crafting puns or phrases you have picked up over the years.  My internet search didn't come up with much, and maybe we need to publish a crafter's dictionary that goes beyond bobbin, bauble, and baste.

Got any good ones?

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