Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Holiday Hit List Update!

We have just completed the first round of jurying for this year's Holiday Hit List event! The vendor list will be posted on November 1st. In the mean time, we'll be posting updates about the event as we have them, so check back here every week for all the latest info!

If you are a vendor and still want to apply to the Holiday Hit List, we are accepting applications for the next round of jurying, so get your apps. in by October 31st! Avoid the late fee & get you app. in before October 1st!

Also, we are no longer accepting any more jewelry vendors. We always limit the number of vendors who sell jewelry in order to have a wide variety of products available to our shoppers.

Want more info. about the Holiday Hit List? Visit the FAQ page and read all about it! Vendors can then apply online by following the link at the bottom! We hope to see you on December 4th!

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