Thursday, April 7, 2011

Get Ready to Create With Peeps!

April not only brings spring showers, but also all the colorful sugary cuteness of Peeps! Love 'em or not, they are a yearly tradition. Crafty "peeps" on the web just keep coming up with great ideas for things to eat, wear, and display around the home made from, or inspired by those fluffy little Peeps! Here are some fun Peeps inspired craft tutorials that you might like to try. Make sure that you stop by the official Peeps website for more craft and recipe ideas! Check out their "Peeps World" for more Peeps fun! Happy crafting!!

All Things Belle has created this kitschy Peeps wreath that would cheer up any entryway!

Make this Marshmallow Bunny Plushy from the Dandelions & Lace blog.

How about a felt Peeps banner or door hangar? Courtesy of Made.

Margot Potter shows how to make this "Pretty in Peeps" necklace. Too cute!

Love From the Oven shares their recipes for chocolate dipped Peeps Pops
...and Peeps Rice Krispies treats!

Marshmallow can be messy when creating those Easter baskets. Here's a great Peep packaging idea from eighteen25! Free printable download!
Finally, for those who want to enjoy a Peep cocktail, you must check out these drink receipes from Peep!


Relished Artistry said...

Hmmm... This is actually inspiring! LOL! I got a thought for a new project this morning looking at these pics... While I don't usually make it a habit of wandering through the grocery store looking for inspiration, I might have to do that once in a while! LOL! Thanks!

Aaron Sylvan said...

Thanks @relishedartistry - maybe you should submit entries to the contest on the peepdrinks site!