Thursday, January 20, 2011


If you love to smell great, then you're gonna love FUNK OFF!

FUNK OFF brand of vegan bath and body products are handmade in Eureka, CA by craftsters Meesh and her boyfriend Chad. They make everything from lip balms and body soaps to shower gels and body sprays! And check out their 'Bust A Move' travel kits, containing everything you need to keep you fresh, not funky!!! This creative duo even use recycled packaging to keep their business conscious!

Kiss This! Lip Balm in yummy flavors like Root Beer, Tangerine Vanilla and Spearmint! mmmm

Shea Butter soaps make you smell good like a Moon Goddess or Lavender Vanilla (my fave!) And also come in manly scents- for your man!!!!!

Peace, Love, and Soap Suds Shower Gel comes in many scents too! Try Spring Mountain Mint!!!

The Bust A Move Travel Kit comes with 2 lip balms, a soap stick, lotion, and body spray in an awesome travel bag!!!!

To purchase Funk Off Vegan products, go to

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Kiss This! Vegan Lip Balm – Vanilla: Of course, I dove right in with the chappy. See, I’m a lip balm freak and I gotta say, the vegan pickin’s are pretty slim! I’m slowly going through all the available options out there, to put together a comprehensive review. And, well, this one just shot to the TOP of the list!

This is my ideal balm: not too gummy, not too grainy, not so sweet I actually want to eat it, haha. It’s got a lovely smoothness that leaves my lips feeling moisturized with just the tiniest tint of shine. Truly, the *perfect* texture. And the scent is spot on: appealing but not edible. What can I say? I LOVE IT!