Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Alexander Henry Fabric, Loteria Print, Out of Print , But We Can Change That!!

Hi There Alexander Henry fans, and Loteria print fans!
I am going to start to get together a massive order for the Loteria fabric design from Alexander Henry. For those who love this fabric and make stuff out of it, this will be a chance for us to tell them, "Hey! We love this fabric and we want it reprinted!!!" There are two colorways that I want to have them reprint. The Black background and the White Background(Natural).

Currently, this fabric is out of print. That means that at this time it is not avaliable, because the printed run of these lovely loteria cards has sold out. I know this fabric is a VERY popular one! I sold this fabric like CRAZY when I had it in my fabric shop.

I have to get together an order of over 1000 yards of each design(2000 total). I figured, it's about 134 bolts of 15 yards.

If you are interested in buying a bolt, or more, let me know, I will be starting up a list of interested buyers.

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angie said...

how much for a bolt?

Svea said...

Hello Angie,

The bolts are $90. Please email me for your order at:

If you want more info or more updates, please check out the website:

Thanks! Svea

A said...

I think some of the images on the print might be off. Like the 'La Sirena', one. She looks different in the game. Can he fix that? or does it have to be that way because of copyright issues?

Anonymous said...

Can he do it one twill or light canvas?

Svea said...

The design that will be reprinted is exactly as it was. It cannot be matched to the game. It is of a similar style. ;-)

The fabric will be printed in cotton sheeting. Cannot do it in canvas. Sorry.

Roxann said...

will there be anymore fabric made? i would be intrested in a bolt